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Child Life Therapy, LLC offers comprehensive sensory-based services for clients and families
living with Autism spectrum disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder [SPD], sensory-based
learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, and other developmental and behavioral issues.
Child Life Therapy, LLC's unique approach is based upon the foundations of research and
outcomes. We use the Floortime approach. Our Occupational Therapy and Speech
Therapy is grounded in a sensory integration orientation, that is designed to address the
neurological origins and symptoms of the following conditions:

Autism spectrum disorders
Sensory Processing Disorders [SPD]
Sensory-Based Motor Disorder [dyslexia and postural disorder]
Sensory Discrimination Disorder [including Central Auditory Processing Disorders]
Sensory Modulation Disorder [over-responsiivity, under-responsively, sensory seeking]
Sensory-based learning difficulties
Other developmental and behavioral issues
Evaluation and Treatment

Our services are as follows:
Evaluation: including telephone screening, intake evaluation
and comprehensive assessment.
Sensory Integration Praxis Testing [SIPT]

Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Oral Motor Intervention
Therapeutic Listening
Sensory Integration
Home and school consultation
Family-centered education
Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services include sensory processing evaluation [sometimes called sensory
integration evaluation] and intervention. Our qualified Pediatric Occupational therapists help children
who are experiencing problems in the performance of  their major roles [occupations] in life. These roles
include play, functional independence as well as school related activities.

Skills our therapists typically address:

Sensory Processing / Sensory Integration
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills
Activities of Daily Living
Handwriting and Academic Skills
Functional Emotional Levels
Self Care and Feeding
Early Intervention
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy services include helping children with language skills, auditory processing deficits,
communication, oral motor skills. Our qualified Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists help children
who are experiencing problems in functional independence and school.

Skills our therapists typically address:

Expressive Language
Receptive Language
Oral Motor Skills
Speech articulation
Auditory Skills
Reading Comprehension
Feeding and Swallowing
Functional Emotional Levels
Early Intervention
Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is an individualized program for each person. It is an intensive auditory
program. Therapeutic Listening is under the close supervision of a trained therapist. The goal of
Therapeutic listening is to improve the neurophysiological foundation for integrating sensory input by
using specific sound frequencies and patterns to stimulate the brain. It is based upon the theory of
neuroplasticity, which refers to brain changes that can occur as a result of experience.

Therapeutic Listening program typically address:

Attention and focus
Articulation and Language skills
Body awareness
Concepts of space and
Organization of behavior
Regulation of the body
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