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We have found that these are helpful resources.

Informative Websites:

ASD:                                                                       Dyslexia:
Recommended Books:

The Out-of-Sync Child by Kranowitz, Carol

Growing an In-Sync Child by Kranowitz, Carol And Newman, Joyce

Engaging Autism by Greenspan, Stanley I. And Weider, Serena

Autism Solutions by Robinson, Ricki G

Respecting Autism by Greenspan, Stanley I. And Gail Tippy

Sensory Integration and the Child, 25th Anniversary Edition, by Ayres, A. J.

Raising A Sensory Smart Child by Biel, Linsdey And Peske, Nancy


Basic Facts About Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems by Moats and

Not Stupid, Not Lazy Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning
by Linda Siegel
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